Holiday as a very popular residential facility in our time

The word “cottage” is derived from the English «cottage», which originally meant a farmhouse, now known as detached houses, in which there is a small plot of land. Holiday mean by a small country houses, designed for one family. In our legislation, a clear definition of “cottage” is not present, so all that can be called a suburban real estate, and falls under the term “cottage”. The law is only the concept of “garden house” and “dwelling house” and we use a particular term, depending on the logical smysla. Sovremennye cottages are building a permanent residence, with excellent infrastructure, the adjusted transport and communications system fitted. Now there are houses like mushrooms after rain, and, consequently, the lack of specialists, pomoguschih you build your own cottage, no. The site is always ready to qualified support in your endeavors. In our time, to build houses there are many different projects. Typically, a project that contains the blueprints of the future cabin, contains 70-75 pages filled with drawings and explanations for them. These homes are extremely in demand in the market for construction. The main materials used in our time, are aerated concrete, brick and wood. A special place is occupied by wooden cottages. They were chosen primarily because of environmental materials from which it is made. Having a clean house is not only a very prestigious, but also good for health. If you deal with the question of heating, but now many people use gas heating in the cottages, it is quite economical, since the gas is relatively cheap source of building a cottage topliva. Pri important to observe all the rules of cottage documentation. It all depends on what the right of property arises: is it only in the house built on the site, or at home, and on the ground. Issued two separate contracts: one – on the ground, the second in the cottage, which establishes the right of ownership. Proper paperwork will avoid bureaucratic problems in the future and will allow you to focus purely on the arrangement of the cottage site.